Best Ways To Find Your True Love?

Best Ways To Find Your True Love?

How long have you been searching for true love?

What are the best ways to find your true love? If you are finding it difficult to meet the love of your life right now it might be time to take a step back from the computer and put yourself out there…in person.

We just came across a terrific little report from which centers on the issues men in Vancouver are having in finding Mrs. Right. At first, we thought “well, this is a Vancouver issue” but is it?

We get the feeling that it’s a world wide issue for people who have put “all of their eggs in one basket”. What is it? Being a slave to their computers and relying wholly and solely on dating sites to find their match.

But haven’t we been extolling the virtues of online dating recently? Yes we have and we think it’s great but the dating game is more than relying on technology in how to find your true love. You need to keep those social skills sharpened otherwise it will reflect on the way you come across in your interactions with others online.

There is a strong message in this report and one you should take seriously whether you live in Vancouver or not. We think this is something everyone needs to see.

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The statistics tell us that right now, one in five relationships get started on online dating sites. That’s an impressive stat compared to just five years ago when it was still considered a geeky thing to go online and look for the love of your life.

Now, online dating is making rapid inroads and it’s “hip” to be online meeting potential dates. But look at that stat again. One in five relationships are started online. That means that there are still four out of five ways to meet the love of your life that you could be neglecting if you have crossed wholly over to the online dating side.

This is a great topic for debate and we understand both sides will “come out swinging” in defense of their particular method but it’s like investing…you need to diversify in your methods. What do you think? If you are enjoying a solid dating life what are the ways you are meeting people?


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