Dating, Finding Love & Romance: Is It Possible After 70

Finding love again for a group of 70 somethings has become reality in California’s Silicon Valley. The group of 50 or so seniors initially met as a support group after losing former spouses but what has started out of grieving, has led to a new beginning.

They discuss topics such as sex for seniors which might shock those close to them. Humans as a rule are meant to be social creatures and they describe the love dating they are doing now is vastly different to what they experienced many years agoᅠ

“Herbert Kwart, who said he is “close to 90,” and Idelle Cagan, “who is a few years younger than that,” love going to movies, dinners and shows together. After long marriages to their respective spouses, Kwart said, the two have been “dating pretty …”

If you are a senior and thinking you had one shot at finding love then think again. What started out as a mourning and support get together has now developed into a social group spawning new beginnings through love and dating.ᅠ

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