Do Men Cheat More Than Women?

Do Men Cheat More Than Women?

What do you men cheat more than women?

Here’s a great question for a conversation starter; do men cheat more than women? There are stats we have from a long time ago that showed there wasn’t much difference between the cheating numbers among men and women and we haven’t given it much thought since. But with online dating now a huge part of people’s lives, that question of do guys cheat more than women is worth exploring again.

Jody Schecter at looks at the issue of do men cheat more and she has produced some interesting analysis in her report. On face value, any one will want to tell you men are natural born cheaters and you may not get much of an argument. But as a man, I resent that comment and will defend my position “to the hilt.” See what you think of the figures produced by Jody.

Let me give you some context, first, so you know that I’m a nice young lady who doesn’t regularly go poking about on lewd dating sites at work:

About a week ago, a friend of mine told me about a website,, whose popularity was on the rise.  He explained that it’s a site where married people go to find partners with whom to cheat on their spouses.  He then wagered a guess that its visitors are almost entirely male.  Naturally I had to go to to look it up.

Wouldn’t you know it?  Comepete Pro has an industry category for “Dating and Relationship Networking!” The category list includes dozens of dating sites with which I was previously unfamiliar, many of which are key players in the dating industry.   It even includes a few direct competitors to Armed with a popularity-ranked list of these sites, and with quick access to demographic information for visitors to each, I ranked the top thirty most popular dating sites by the male share of their visitors.

The first thing to notice in the graph above is that men outnumber women on almost every popular dating site.  The average male share of visitors to these 30 domains, weighted by the number of unique visitors to each, is about 58 percent.  Beyond that, there seems a direct relationship between the male share of a site’s audience and the sexual nature of domain name.  When compared to, sounds downright kosher.

To gain a better understanding of the types of dating sites that attract the most men relative to women, I generated word clouds from the about pages on each domain.[1] Below is a word cloud created from the text of the about pages for the bottom ten domains in the graph above ( à I’ll call these “less-male-dominated” sites.  The size of each word reflects the frequency of its usage in the about pages for these sites.  The color has no significance…..

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So, do men cheat more than women? What are your thoughts? Do the figures produced in the article surprise you or back up your thoughts? Do  the figures actually mean anything and make the issue clear cut as to who cheats more?

The fact is, more men are on dating sites but does that mean they cheat more? We’d also like to know how many of the men on these sites are actually married or in a relationship. How many singles are on these sites just looking for some action? What do you think? We’d love to get your feedback.


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