Flirting Tips Using Body Language

You Say More Than You Think

Unfortunately, most of what you’ve heard from other body language experts is wrong, and, as a result, your actions may be hurting, not helping, you. When first impressions matter more than ever, this is the book to help you really get your message across.

Need some solid flirting tips with using body language? Did you know you can pick up on a person flirting with you just by studying their body language? Flirting is something we all do; sometimes unconsciously sometimes intentionally. But how can you use body language to flirt and get someone’s attention?

Well, we have a couple of instructional videos for you today and they are both short. In fact, this could be the best 7 or 8 minutes you’ll spend in front of the computer today. Firstly, relationship expert Dr. Michelle Roth is someone we refer to a lot when it comes to trying to understand how to use body language to flirt or to know when we are being flirted with.

Dr. Roth looks at several giveaways when it comes to how to be able to tell if someone is flirting. And it’s usually just in the body language. Here are some body language flirting tips:

- show eye contact
- face the other person
- girls flip or toss the hair
- guys start brushing themselves off
- lean forward to the other person
- slightly touch someone

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Flirting Tips Using Body LanguageMeanwhile, did you know that women are better at reading flirting signals than men? That’s according to Body Language & Detecting Deception Expert Janine Driver. We dusted off a video we had bookmarked a couple of years ago where Janine was seen on the NBC Today Show and seriously, the information she gave out is stuff people pay to be taught.

Flirting tips using body language are a dime a dozen these days but are they coming from the right people? Is there an ulterior motive behind the tip? It’s rare you’ll see the quality of flirting tips such as the ones on this post unless they are presented to you.

That’s where we come in!

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FlirtingAre you someone who can pick when someone else is flirting with you? Are you someone who uses body language to flirt and get someone’s attention? How has it worked out for you?

Flirting is one of those things you just have to be aware of. I was hopeless at reading flirting signals and that’s maybe because I’m a man. I will share some classic flirting disasters with you on this site some day.:) But for now, if you have any flirting tips through body language or some amusing stories relating to flirting in your life why don’t you share them with us. Just leave your feedback below. We appreciate it.


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