How Can I Tell If He Really Likes Me?

So, have you ever wondered…“how can I tell if he really likes me?” Sure you have in fact, while this article is directed at you gals, guys, there might be a tip or two in this post that you can take away too.

As a guy, there have been a couple of important times in my life where wondering this about the girl I was dating literally drove me insane. Long story short, one didn’t really and the other was crazy about me; she’s the one I married and it’s been bliss!

But enough about me and back to you girls.

So, how can you tell if he really likes you? A post at might just be the best five minutes you spend online today. It should answer some of your biggest questions about his real feelings for you.

But be warned, while this post might provide the answers you want to hear it could also provide those you don’t. Still want to know? Keep reading.

Here are five of the ten ways you can tell he’s crazy about you:

- he opens up to you
- he can’t keep his hands off you
- he does a lot of the “grunt” work
- he asks for your opinion and help
- he chooses the perfect gift

That’s five; did you find the answer there? No? Here are five more.

How Can I Tell If He Really Likes Me?Want to know if he’s crazy about you? Here are the top ways that men show their love.

It’s a cliche for a reason…men aren’t always best at showing how they feel, even when they’re head over heels. Here, 10 ways that men show you their love

1. He Opens Up

Emotional intimacy isn’t easy for anyone, so if he’s baring his soul to you, it’s not because he likes hearing himself talk…alright, not just because he likes hearing himself talk.

2. He Does the Dirty Work

Taking out the garbage and scrubbing the bathroom floor may not seem romantic, but it can be his way of showing you he cares: by helping you out and trying to make your life easier. He’s not ironing your work pants because he likes to; he’s doing it because he wants to make you happy.

3. He Asks for Your Help

Whether he wants your input on a blowout with his boss, or asks you to tag along and help him pick out a birthday present for his mom, he’s asking for your opinion because he respects you and cares what you think, a sure sign he’s smitten. 7 Ways To Show Love Without Words

4. He Loves PDA

Alright, sometimes you can do without his groping in the cereal aisle at the supermarket, but take it as a compliment that he can’t keep his hands off you. He’s proud to call you his and to show you off, and sometimes there’s no better way to show his appreciation than to give you a little squeeze!…..

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I actually scored high on that list. I got my wife to check it off for me and she was definite on at least eight of them. Which two wasn’t she sure about?

Can’t tell you.:)

Anyways, I asked which one stood out and she leaned towards being groped in the supermarket.

What can I say? What I guy…I am crazy about her.

How about you? Are you still unclear about how to tell if he’s crazy about you? Seriously, if he doesn’t score any points on that list then it might be…well, I’m not going to dish out advice on what to do. Maybe he’s from outer space and doesn’t understand a human man’s ways.

Might be just as well too.:)


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