How To Survive As A Single Woman In 2012!

When You Think Youre Not EnoughWant to know the secrets on how to survive as a single woman in 2012? The truth is, there really are no secrets but today’s post is so important if you are single and not looking forward to another year on your own. Actually, there are tips in this post that will help out you single guys as well but for now, let’s concentrate on the ladies.

Being successful in the dating stakes starts with being confident. Many women aren’t. But there are things you can do to make yourself feel good and confidence seems to be a ricocheting result of what we are about to share with you.

If you are feeling good then that enthusiasm about yourself is going to be projected outwardly and people love to hang with confident people. There is an attractiveness about someone who is confident. Ask yourself this…would you rather be in the company of a depressed person who walks around with a dark cloud hanging over them or someone who has a happy disposition.

Yes there is a difference between confidence and happiness but marry the two up, and you can be irresistible to the opposite sex. A report at lists ten ways to treat yourself in 2012 and includes stuff like:

- taking yourself out
- buying yourself flowers
- eating dessert for breakfast
- going for an adventure
- having a spa day
- taking a class

Take a bubble bath, eat dessert for breakfast, and get your hair done.

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treated to the finer things in life. The best part about being single is doing things for yourself and on your own terms. So quit your sulking and get to pampering. It’s important to be good to yourself. Here’s how:

1. Buy yourself flowers. Flowers not only brighten up a room, but can brighten up your day. Don’t wait for someone else to buy you flowers; do it now for yourself.

2. Take yourself out. Get dressed up and take yourself out on a date. It might be scary at first to go into a restaurant alone, but it also takes a huge amount of confidence, and confidence is sexy. Men love sexy, so you never know — you just might meet someone while you’re out there.

3. Eat dessert for breakfast. The one thing I love to do when I wake up cranky is have cupcakes for breakfast. Being an adult means deciding you can have chocolate when you first wake up, and being single means there’s no one around to judge you.

4. Get lost. Have an adventure by yourself, take the long way home, or get lost on purpose. There’s freedom in the wild, and a thrill when you find your way home again — both literally and metaphorically…..

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How To Survive As A Single Woman In 2012!Surviving as a single woman in 2012 starts with treating yourself and to stop pandering to the whims of others. You need to start making sure you are looking after yourself first. Do this long enough and that confidence will emerge. And guys love a challenge.

So, what are some of the things you do to treat yourself? How is it working for you? Can you share some tips of your own with us? We’d love to hear them. And remember, there is stuff in here that guys can adapt as well. We’ll be looking at things to help you out over the coming year as well so stay tuned.


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