How To Tell If A Woman Wants To Have Sex With You?

How To Tell If A Woman Wants To Have Sex With You?

Can you read the signs when a woman wants more than talk?

How to tell if a woman wants to have sex with you? Wow guys, if there was a simple way to tell every time you went out on a date with a woman that she wanted to have sex or not, would you share it with other guys? Probably not. But the truth is, you have missed more opportunities than you realize according to many experts.

For some reason, guys make a hash of their chances even when it’s obvious to many people looking in that a woman wants to “jump their bones”.

Hey, I have done it myself. You are alone with a woman and there’s only one thing going through your mind. Yet, instead of easing into that direction you start to get all noble and begin talking about things that would otherwise lead you away from the obvious. Do you know what we are talking about?

One thing I do know is that women are usually seizing a guy up from a commitment level; before they even consider sex they usually want to figure out what a guys going to be doing afterward. A report at says a guy can “hit a home run” by reassuring a woman that their friendship will survive the sex and that you are not just using her.

Can you relate to that? How about you girls, does this resonate with you? So what are the signs a woman wants sex? How do you read the signs someone wants sex?

The notion of ‘love’ and ‘dating’ are idyllic, superficial and hazy. They are figments of the imagination, heavily influenced by soap operas and romantic novels.  What I do believe in are comfortable and mature relationships that are intimate to the level of engaging in fulfilling sexual liaisons.

Whenever men meet women, there might be some sexual attraction that is often mistaken for love. One thing leads to another and finally, one is ready to engage in sex. Usually, most opportunities slip through a man’s fingers owing to fact that men do not know how to read the signs, or indeed how to attract a woman further, whereas women have pretty good intuition.

Here’s how to do it. Reassure her that your friendship will survive any sexual act, and that you are not merely using her. Women will usually give in to sex only after they are assured of your commitment.

In other words, unless one is a downtown slut or seasoned nymphomaniac (the sort who get the hots for anything in trousers), women are careful. Women in most instances look at men for signs of where the relationship is going. If ever she is in doubt, you can be sure you won’ get her into your bed.

What Are The Signs A Woman Wants SexTalk sex. Sometimes, men go round in circles, avoiding what must eventually be said. We will talk hours on end jabbering about the most mundane subjects like American foreign policy, rocket science or thermodynamics. When we lose focus like this, we end up nowhere. Other men just hint at it but don’t go further than that…..

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Meanwhile, we remember bookmarking a video on this topic where the hosts looked at “how to tell if she wants to have sex with you?” It was posted on You Tube and five signs a woman wants sex with you were highlighted. We actually liked the last one they gave and that was simply that she will come out and tell you.I can identify with that because that’s exactly what my wife did. Took all the guesswork out. Got to love her!:)

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So, how to tell if a woman wants to have sex with you? Do you have any tips to share with us. We’d love to hear them so don’t be shy but please, keep them clean. Also, do you have any embarrassing moments where you read the signals wrong and got into trouble?


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