How To Tell If Your Man Wants More Than A Casual Relationship?

So girls, how to tell if your man wants more than a casual relationship? How do you tell if he wants to be more serious with you? One of the things that doesn’t seem to change in the dating arena is the way men and women look at dating, especially the first few times they go out.

Well for women, who do you get the best advice about men from? Is it women? No way. If you know what men want in a relationship then get advice from a man. Does that make sense?

And so it was with great interest we read the following synopsis at of how women can tell if a man wants a serious relationship written by you guessed it…a guy. His name is Christian and while we may not entirely agree with some of the points he made, overall, this is a must read if you have had a few dates with a guy and still your relationship is being labeled under the casual banner.

One of the signs he mentioned you need to look out for are language, especially sexy talk. If it has sexy overtones, then the chances are good he is testing the waters for something a little more involved later on. He elaborates on this.

What Every Man Wants In A Woman

What every man wants in a woman…10 essentials for growing deeper in love.

NEWS FLASH: We men love you women. We do. Honestly. Even though we may not seem like it at times, we are completely floored by every single last one of you. We will do whatever we need to get your attention, get a date, and spend a cozy evening snuggling up to you.

Now what our intentions may be is a whole different story. We might truly want to take you out over and over again and hopefully move into a courting process and wed you someday. OR, we might just love the sight of your frame and will shower you with adoration and accolades all night just so we can get you in bed.

The funny thing is…we might use the SAME TACTICS for the very different goals. For in each case, whether it is for the sex, for the attention, or for the courting, the main target is you… and in order to get to you, we must be focused on you, and any man that has learned anything from grade school on knows: you must be focused the woman and give her all your attention in order to keep her attention.

So then the trick is…how do you figure out what kind of guy do you have sitting across from you at the Color Me Mine pottery coloring date he took you on; since many of the tactics are very similar between the players, the casual daters, the Peter Pans, and the actual potential boyfriends?

Well, the difference might by slight at first, but once they start dropping the signs, you will know quite clearly that Mr. Prince Charming that has been making that cute little pottery vase with you, is thinking more about how he can get you to the backseat of his Cadillac as opposed to an alter…..

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Now the point about men slowing things down is true to a degree but in today’s dating world, we feel it doesn’t “hold as much water” as it once did.

Yes sure, if two people “hit the sack” within a few hours of their first date maybe that could take the mystery out of a long term relationship and the chances it will continue on with any substance might be slim. That sounds good in theory and makes sense but honestly, we’re not sure it’s as solid an argument as it once was.

Anyhow, that’s a point of debate and that’s what we like to see on this site. If you have an opinion on what signs to look for in a guy who wants a serious relationship, we’d certainly love to hear them.


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