Why Are People Afraid To Say I Love You?

10000 Ways To Say I Love YouSo, why are people afraid to say I love you? Why is saying I love you so hard to say and what are the implications in saying them? There is little doubt that even saying “I love you” out loud to yourself in the mirror can give you a strange sensation. They are powerful words and saying them can either make or break a relationship.

A report at studiocity.patch.com breaks it down and gives you an insight into why saying I love you is hard for people. This is something you might need to take a look at if you were planning to tell that special someone how much you really think of them.

Okay, you might be saying that you hear people say “love you” or “love ya” all the time especially when saying goodbye. That’s fine and it’s different to what we are talking about today.

When you add the word “I” to the equation it suddenly presents a whole different scenario. The report at studiocity.patch.com says saying I Love You can suddenly mean:

- commitment
- financial
- responsibility
- marriage
- babies
- accountability
- acknowledgement
- admitting

The truth is, it’s like playing “Russian Roulette”. Telling someone I love you for the first time can either draw them closer or send them “running for the cover” away from you.

People have been avoiding saying “I Love You” to the man/woman of their dreams for eons. Many start to stammer when attempting to profess their undying devotion, doing everything feasible to avoid the sound emanating from their lips.

These words can make or break a relationship; be utilized too much or not enough; bring couples closer together or farther apart; be misinterpreted; signify the difference between moving to a deeper level and remaining stagnant; be the beginning or end all of intimate unions; heal wounds or cause friction and create animosity; be more dangerous than a loaded gun, i.e. if not used properly, produce damaging effects.

The big three are the only combination of words in the English or any language that carry an enormous amount of credence and import. They have so much command that just the thought of speaking them can cause extensive anxiety and apprehension. You may even find yourself tongue tied or breaking out in a sweat…..

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Why Are People Afraid To Say I Love You?How about you? What are your thoughts about why it’s scary to say I love you? Do you get uncomfortable when you hear “I love you”? How does it make you feel? Would you rather not hear it?

I must admit, despite being a romantic I get a little uncomfortable when I hear the three magic words. That’s just me. Perhaps it goes back to a time when I heard or said the words and had a bad experience and that’s something that has me a little terrified to mess around with them again but I admit I am getting better.

What is your greatest fear in telling someone I love you? Is it rejection? Have you been rejected in the past? We’d “love” to hear your story.


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